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Maria Trepp:

Sander van der Linden, Your work is extremely interesting and relevant for anyone interested in science-denial. I have written a blog about your prebunking work in Dutch 
I saw today that your new book with the great title “Foolproof” will have the Dutch title “Het Waarheidsvaccin”, a title, that in my opinion is very wrong and indeed misleading. It sounds as if your method is to brainwash with the “Truth” which of course is about the opposite in comparison to your structural, not content-centered method of prebunking. Are you aware of this title, has this been discussed with you?


Sander van der Linden

Thanks so much Maria! So glad you’ve found the work useful. And yes we changed the title in the UK/US market for exactly that reason but the Dutch publisher kept the original title – I’m currently discussing this with them!