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Auguste Rodin in het Singer Museum Laren

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Auguste Rodin erotische Zeichnungen

Auguste Rodin


Auguste Rodin (1840-1917), a superstar of the Fin de siècle, is a pioneer of  modern art.

His drawings are far less well known than his sculptural work.

A handful of erotic drawings by Rodin that were exhibited in Weimar in 1906 led to the resignation of the former Director of Museum in Weimar.

Auguste Rodin erotische Zeichnungen

Auguste Rodin

These erotic drawings from the collection of the Musée Rodin in Paris can been seen  until January 13th, 2013 in the Singer Museum in Laren in the Netherlands.

Rodin’s main topic was the human body.

Rodin made sculptures of very different human figures. The bodies of his figures are always sensual and often erotic.

The 74 virtuous, but volatile drawings in the museum are combined with sculptures in plaster, bronze and marble.

From 1890 onwards, Rodin drew models always every day, women he found in the world of vaudeville and circus. He drew and painted with great ease and skill.

Historically, his drawings were very innovative. Rodin drew as the models moved. He followed them with his gaze and did not look at pen or paper.

The drawings broke with  academic dogmas and classical dimensions.

Rodin had a great influence on other artists such as Klimt and Schiele, who later made similar erotic drawings and watercolours.


rodin erotische Zeicnungen


Auguste Rodin erotische Zeichnungen


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